A sort of dark elegance

I received this cool pair of bottoms from my aunty last week. It's the type of pants that look like a skirt, giving a sort of Yeezy feel, you know? Honestly when I got it, I thought, "How the hell would I ever wear this out?" 

The piece on it's own is unique. It's from the Melbourne based brand  Victor Alexandre who creates timeless pieces for those who are looking to portray the effortlessly chic vibe... well at least that was what I interpreted from the other pieces I was gifted by her. 

Without further ado, here is the look I came up with, whilst trying to cater to my own style:

  Cotton On Body bikini bra| Victor Alexandre skirt-pants | Betts heels| eBay wide-brimmed hat 

My friends personally don't dig it, and I don't blame them. I didn't like them at all, however, as I mixed and matched my wardrobe and created a sort of elegant number, I fell in love. I could imagine wearing this on a date(or something similar as I doubt it would be appropriate to wear a swim top, right?), a fun summer night out in the city, or to a summer music festival. Anyways, I hope you get inspired to style up a quirky piece and create fabulous outfits that you love!

See you next time 


  1. Your outfit is so cute!! Happy Chinese New Year too! Love your blog btw (found it on tumblr ahaha)


    1. Ngaww thank you, Emma! <3 Happy Chinese New Year to you too ^u^ I'm glad someone has read my tumblr haha



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