MAY| self reflection

May was seriously the best thing since sliced bread. This month was overflowing with good moments that this was the first time in a long while I've ever felt this content with life. I guess this month was synonymous to taking ecstasy for the first time because I don't think life could get better than this.

With April ending a bit bitterly, I was surprised that May would begin with a stream of laughter. Especially on Fridays when I'd have Chemistry practicals with Serene, and always without skipping a beat, as soon as we are next to each other we go crazy with laughter. Oh and let's not forget my weird moments with Cindy and Nicole. I've also managed to make quite a few friends in the last month of the semester. (Huge shout out to my Chemicrew, I hope we continue being friends, guys.)

Here is my new artistic babe. I ordered her from eBay for $30. She's a Pentax film camera. I need to buy batteries for her and make a camera strap. Stuff I'll do after exams OuO  I only have black and white film unfortunately as they were unused from high school but I look forward to capturing Winter with it.
During a study sesh with Cindy at my house, we went on a study break to Sky Music to replace my first guitar who died through my thoughtless handling of it. Woops, ahah. I bought myself my ultimate dream guitar: An acoustic with a wooden body. My new baby's name is Luna.

I ate pretty well, I think. I've definitely felt healthier and fuller and more energized with my new diet. I wouldn't say that I am trying to become vegan because I do have the occasional burger and KBBQ, and I haven't add any strong moral values or will to become a full vegan. I'm more focused on my health and my family's health, especially on mum.

Here are some photos of what I eat when I manage to find time to make my food.

Breakfast|Kale and banana smoothie bowl with banana, papaya, blue berries and pear all chopped up on top. Decorated with dried coconuts and nuts.

Lunch|Sweet potato wedges with basil and Himalayan salt, spinach and papaya salad

May has also been an adventurous one, I think, because I've felt more free and more like myself but also unlike myself if that can even make sense?? 

Let me explain myself. I've hugged a boy who've I only just met, and I never hug boys! Unless of course I'm comfortable around them and they initiate it first BUT, no, I just went for it with this one. It was weird. Also I let myself loose around boys when usually I'm uptight and awkward because I don't know how to act around them. By letting myself loose I mean being my crazy, uncaring-about-your-opinion-self :3 Pretty sure they think I'm a weirdo. (You gotta embrace the weirdo tho, come on.)

I have  also become more resigned from new people I've met, especially those who don't seem like they want to do anything with me. Usually I would always try to say hi and catch their eyes, but I was just so content with myself I didn't feel the need to have to gain their attention or friendship for that matter. With doing this you realise who wants to be connected with you and who doesn't. It doesn't matter if they are awkward or nervous because despite that they will go out of their way to try and say hi back to you or engage in conversation with you.  I seriously treasure their interactions because they're genuine and, ugh, it just feels nice, you know?

Speaking about saying, "Hi." The boy I wrote about in my poem finally acknowledged me first and said hi first. I wasn't planning on acknowledging him at all as I didn't expect he'd say hi at all as he looked like he was forcing himself to be nice or ignored me other times. (I know complicated.) Anyway, that took me completely off guard and I don't know, it was a rude shock, I think, and it's more unsettling than it is me feeling joy that there is progress. 

Me on the slightly empty train ride to Cindy's ft a limited edition Gucci bag under my left eye
 Another thing I've done out of character was skip a whole line up of lectures. I don't ever do that because I know I'll regret having to catch up. I decided after attending my Biology lecture and hanging out on the beanbags out on the lawn that I'd go and chill with Cindy and study. Of course our plan of action went astray the minute we reached home base. We went grocery shopping instead. I also got to visit my old primary school as we went to drop off her brother's lunch. I almost cried at how small everything seemed. A rush of different memories hit me as I walked into the main yard in which we spent every Monday listening to announcements and singing the national anthem. (Also I have to say the new teacher who works there is mint, hahah god.)

This May,  I graduated from my 123 hours of driving on Ls to being a P-plate driver, or as my mum calls it, "a new bitch on the road". I was really lucky to have the examiner I had. To be honest, when I first saw him I thought he would be extremely picky, but hell, on the get go he was talking about getting high on markers back in the day whilst checking all my documents. He kept complimenting me and said I was his favourite as I was a "smart girl ( I told him what uni I went to) who wasn't afraid to speed up and I didn't do an awkward 90 degree turn into the side streets like others have done". It really did help that he was nice and that he kept reassuring me that I shouldn't be nervous. It really put my mind at ease. Thankfully he didn't tax me for going over the speed limit by a tiny fraction in the last 200 metres of my test. Praise the Lord HAHAHA

My first drive was actually the Friday after to watch Pitch Perfect 2 with my friend. It was spontaneously planned on the train ride home and I loved the whole spontaneity of the event.

May meant Mother's Day. For Mother's Day we had a nice dinner out in the city sans my brother. Whilst we were waiting for our meals to come out, I was taking selfies with my parents and then with perfect timing, the waiter came out with our meals as I was making a face. He chuckled and said, "Nice face." Still can't decide if I should be embarrassed or not ahahah.

I don't want to recall everything good that happened in May. Thanks May, I really appreciate your brief affair. To end everything off, I'll leave you with a picture of me looking into my future ;)

See you soon lovelies 


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