Poetry| my heart is a million things for you (but in this moment it is three)

my heart is an ocean;
every time i see you i get a feeling that is so unsure,
unsure of whether or not i should make myself known to you,
and so
i'm moving back and forth like those restless tides and
 the momentum builds up and is too strong;
my insides
although i've been warned about you,
i was still not prepared for the harrowing tidal wave that was to come.

my heart is the moon,
always changing,
changing so that you'd one day notice me,
even when you don't it still shines the same
as when the world goes black;
I wish you would seek comfort in my glow;
you that i exist,
but you would

my heart is a flower,
each day it grows with a love for you,
and to nurture it
it's quite simple;
however my love was never reciprocated,
and so the flower inside stopped growing,
and instead
wilted and prepared to die.

time passes

I take out the plant.

I plant a new seed,
I watch my heart grow.


I wrote this poem about my feelings for a boy. This boy whom I quickly came to like even though I knew could never possibly like me back, caused a bundle of happiness, confusion, frustration and sadness. I guess I wrote this at the point in time of this emotional roller coaster I felt for this boy when I was losing hope in trying to get to know him and become closer to him because he did disappoint me quiet deeply in the span of under a week. I'm guessing he knew I liked him and tried to avoid me. Oh wells. I'm over it.

I think.

Also, I wasn't fantastic at English at school so please forgive the grammatical errors. You might have noticed the I's not being capitalised at the start but only towards the end. I did this because I wanted to show that I was more confident with who I was when I decided to ditch my feelings for him, and that I wasn't feeling, I guess, 'small' and as 'needing' anymore. Deep; I know.

I hope you enjoyed my poem, which I've changed around a bit for about three times now. I'm not very good at writing coherent things, you see, because I think I'm poetic when really I'm not ahaha. Also, I drew that geometric heart, or depending on how you look at it, a breaking, fragile glass heart.


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