About the blog + a few Q&As

What in the even heck does "floral anthem" even mean?

Welcome to "floral anthem", where most of my content revolves around the theme of flowers. Where did this craze for flowers come from? Well, let's see...ah! I'm a flower, you see, well, I was named after the flower Jasmine. However as contrary to my name suggests, I haven't seen a jasmine nor do I enjoy drinking jasmine tea at yumcha (it was horrible. Green tea/ oolong tea all the way, people.) The smell of jasmine tea is beautiful though. Okay. Tidbit aside. I guess in a way I want to celebrate the fact that I am growing up and maturing, thus the anthem. 

Also who doesn't love flowers? They are beautiful and, ugh, smell good.

What is your favourite flower?

I like lavenders. They hold a special memory in place for me, and are soothing. Great for keeping myself calm.

What will your blog consist of?

As this blog is new, I'm still trying to figure it out, however, right now I just want to share with you random doodle, photography, and fashion type of posts with you guys. I'm not heavily invested into fashion, but I still like to have fun with it.

Do you have a tumblr?

I do, I do. I have two in fact. One is where I reblog inspirational stuff and things I like (here), and the other is my more original arty blog (here). Please check them out! Also don't hesitate to ask me questions through the comment section on this blog or through my tumblr.

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